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Dewey's China Trip: Adventures and Stories

Some girls I met on the train from Kunming

Stories of my travels through China and the adventures I had along the way

To China My exhausting journey to China aboard Northwest Airlines
Inner Mongolia Backpacking with Xiujuan in mountains, desert, and prairie
Shanghai Meeting new friends in China's biggest, most modern city
Kunming Visiting the capital of Yunnan
Lijiang Spending a night in Old Lijiang
Tiger Leap Gorge Trekking the Gorge and meeting friends along the way
Forest Hike Adventures in the forest near Baishuitai, White Water Terraces
Zhongdian Visiting Zhongdian, Deqin, and Feilaishi, Yunnan
Glacier Trek Hiking from Feilaishi to Mingyong Glacier
Return to Beijing Leaving Yunnan and returning to Beijing via Hangzhou
Railroad Trek Backpacking on the Chinese railroad
Desert Sand Returning to the Inner Mongolian desert
Freight Yard Getting caught by the railway police in the Baotou freight yard
Xiujuan Finally getting the Girl

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